About the Future of Systems Engineering


Incose_Interviews_Maerz 2023

Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE) is an initiative committed to the advancement of Systems Engineering. The goal? To inspire the global community to realize INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Vision 2035.

To achieve this, FuSE’s mission is to advance the SE Vision across competencies, research, tools & environment, practices, and applications. In doing so, FuSE aims to identify critical gaps, support appropriate actions, and encourage participation and collaboration within and outside of INCOSE.

In the last months a new and more open setup has been built. The international workshop INCOSE IW in January was used to introduce the “new” FuSE and invite the community to be part of it.

We took the opportunity to talk to some of the FuSE leaders about their vision of Systems Engineering in the future.

William D. Miller

The FuSE Program is divided into a total of four streams. Vision and Roadmaps, Foundations, Methodologies and Application Extension. William D. Miller is the FuSE Program Lead. William D. Miller is the FuSE Program Lead.

Christopher Hoffman

Chris Hoffman is the Stream Lead „SE Methodologies“. This stream is primarily concerned with the further development of methods and tools for the effective development of fit-for-purpose systems.

Tom Strandberg

Tom Strandberg is the Stream Lead “SE Application Extensions”. This stream integrates social sciences, soft systems, and initiatives such as smart cities, with the goal of addressing grand challenges and meeting societal needs.

If you would like to learn more about FuSE and get involved in the future of Systems Engineering, you have the opportunity to do so – at events, meetings and webinars. The current status can be found here: https://www.incose.org/about-systems-engineering/fuse

Martina Feichtner 3DSE
Martina Feichtner

Martina Feichtner is Consultant at 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH. She has more than 5 years of experience in the consultancy business. With her academic background in electrical engineering and systems engineering she has extensive knowledge in the field of R&D.