Agile Systems Engineering – from contradiction to breakthrough


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In order to successfully deal with the complexity in the market, technology and development, an intelligent combination of agile working methods, model-based tools and proven Systems Engineering solution approaches is needed.

We have therefore made the topic of “Agile Systems Engineering – from contradiction to breakthrough” the focus of our expert forum in Hamburg. Seven experts from different industries illuminated the topic from various perspectives with their practical contributions and thus contributed to a lively exchange. The insight? Sieben Experten unterschiedlicher Branchen haben mit ihren praxisnahen Beiträgen das Thema aus verschiedenen Perspektiven beleuchtet und damit zu einem lebhaften Austausch beigetragen. The insight?

Agility and Systems Engineering can no longer be separated!

This applies to the consumer market all the way to large-scale military procurement projects.
Systems Engineering is usually the stabilizing backbone while agility provides flexible leverage for interdisciplinary collaboration, early customer involvement and thinking in levels of viability (MVPs). From contradiction to breakthrough – if some key challenges can be overcome:

We are in the middle of a product world transformation. Software centering, products networking and thinking in increasingly complex systems are changing the rules of the market. To faster launch customer-focused yet robust products, companies need to develop new strategies and integrate agility into their existing Systems Engineering approach. A look at the underlying principles shows that this is not a contradiction. The challenge is translating spanning principles into definite, company-specific instructions that include all company levels.

The following determining levers can help:

  • Consideration of agility during contract design already
  • Early and ongoing requirements management
  • Modular system architecture as the supporting structure for agile iterations
  • Model-based overall system design as an enabler of agility
  • Improved collaboration and participation through agile cadence and synchronization

You can find a detailed description of the adjusting screws on our “Summary Card”. Simply click on this Download Insight button.

3DSE Team