Organizational excellence for software operating system at an automotive OEM


"With the support of 3DSE, we succeeded in structuring the highly interlinked topics and dependencies and creating a coherent overall picture, taking into account a wide range of perspectives. Organizational structures, processes and change initiatives have been significantly improved by the OrgExcellence@OS project, so that software projects can be carried out more smoothly and efficiently in the future in conjunction with traditional corporate structures."


Automotive OEM

Organizational excellence for software operating system at an automotive OEM

Current and future mobility needs are constantly changing. Electrification, digitalization, and automation are fundamentally changing the vehicle. Software has therefore become a central design element and determines how customers will experience their cars in the future. A leading software and technology division of an automotive OEM has given itself the goal of bundling the software expertise of several divisions and projects across the company with its software platform. The central software division is continuously expanding the central and strategically important design element of software. Within this area, the processes and structures for the development of the operating system were to be set up for the future.

To ensure long-term software competence in the vehicle, the Operating System division has defined three specific strategic objectives:

  1. Seamless integration of the software into the hardware.
  2. Ensuring continuous updates in the vehicle.
  3. The development of new applications and services based on all in-vehicle data.

However, these objectives are caught between regulatory requirements (e.g., compliance with A-Spice, UNECE CSMS) and the enormous complexity, which is constantly growing due to the increasing number of functionalities and internal customers, as well as external stakeholders.

The OrgExcellence@OS project was set up and supported together with a team from 3DSE to process and reposition the organization allowing thus to overcome the challenges mentioned. Two key levers were identified to ensure the long-term success of Operating System:

  1. Optimization of the agile process organization with a focus on structuring the agile release trains.
  2. Designing a structured collaboration model for the future software architecture based on systems engineering.

The optimization of the agile process organizationstarted with the definition of strategic requirements and design criteria. This framework ensured a targeted development of the future structure of the agile release trains and provided orientation for the evaluation of different organizational variants. After identifying the most suitable organizational structure, the target image was specified in detail. To ensure the delivery capability of the Operating System division during the transformation, a step-by-step approach was developed to iteratively transition the organization to the target state.

At the same time, a collaboration model for the future software architecture was developed based on systems engineering, which structures highly dynamic collaboration with internal customers. Clear responsibilities, transparency regarding organizational dependencies and process steps in the form of a project structure and the description of clear systems engineering delivery results / artefacts for each development level and timeframe reduced complexity and increased the speed of collaboration.

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