Becoming a Solution Provider: A Direct Path to Business

07 November 2023


Becoming a Solution Provider: A Direct Path to Business

More and more R&D organizations are transforming themselves from classic product manufacturers or technology providers to solution providers: They want to develop effective solutions for their customers’ complex problems.

At our expert forum in Vienna, we therefore focused on the topic of “The successful path to becoming a solution provider – How do companies need to position themselves in order to efficiently develop customer-value solutions?” and discussed it with six experts from different industries. We have summarized the results of this lively exchange for you in our Summary Card.

Becoming a Solution Provider: A Direct Path to Business

Becoming a solution provider means tackling complex customer problems by integrating various systems. This journey offers substantial business potential, driven by strategies for growth, increased value creation, higher profits, and the need to stand out from competitors.

Not every customer problem leads to an attractive business case, and not every technical solution results in a scalable package of hardware, software, service, and consulting. Central challenges can be found in portfolio and architecture design, cultural change, and organization and process alignment. The path to becoming a solution provider requires a strategic perspective and the implementation of the following principles:

  • Customer-Centricity as an Inner Compass
  • Radical Rethinking in Sales
  • Speed to Market
  • New Engineering Capabilities as Lubricants and Revenue Enablers
  • System Thinking as the ABC of Finding Solutions
  • Growth through Business Agility

You will find a detailed description of the principles on our “Summary Card”. Simply click on the Download Insight button.


3DSE Team