Supplier & Strategic Partnerships – 6 success factors

03 November 2023

Supplier & Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships play a central role in technical product development. Amidst ongoing global crises, surging demands, escalating complexity, and mounting uncertainty, along with associated challenges like supply bottlenecks, partnerships have emerged as a crucial determinant of success. They enable companies to optimize resources, drive innovation, and react flexibly to changing market conditions. In order for a developing strategic partnership to be successful, it is worthwhile to keep several factors in mind.

3DSE examines critical success factors for supplier and strategic partnerships.

For a project in the automotive industry, we developed six success factors for strategic partnerships and co-development. In a second iteration, a benchmark analysis was carried out for the company focusing on these factors: Which success factors need to be optimized to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of strategic partnerships and supplier relationships? Based on this, concrete recommendations for action could finally be made, levers prioritized, and next steps adopted.

We have compiled an overview of our success factors for you in this poster. You can download the poster by clicking the download button below.


3DSE Team