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The successful path to becoming a solution provider – How do companies need to position themselves to efficiently develop customer-value solutions?

Expert Forum Vienna 2023

21. Sep 2023

Talent Garden, Wien


The increasingly connected world offers many potentials for companies to drive growth and profitability with customer-value solutions. Many R&D organizations are in the midst of transforming from traditional product/technology providers to solution providers in order to generate effective solutions to complex problems for their customers. In addition to a pronounced customer centricity and increased innovation capability, adaptability as well as mastering the increasing complexity of the portfolio are essential aspects for the transformation. This also means changes in the way solutions are developed efficiently and how R&D organizations must position themselves to do so.

What can you expect at the expert forum?

The following key questions will be the focus of the keynote presentations and discussions:

  • How will we develop customer-value solutions in the future?
  • What will change for traditional product manufacturers?
  • How do we need to position ourselves to develop solutions efficiently in the future? (development logic, processes / methods / tools, organization, partnerships)
  • How do we manage the increasing complexity in the portfolio (platforms, applications, variants)?
  • How do we integrate new / digital functions into our existing product portfolio?
  • What are the consequences in terms of portfolio design and pricing?
  • How do you deal with the challenges regarding customer data?
  • How do we monetize the additional customer and usage data?

At our expert forum, we exchanged experiences and discussed success factors with experts who are strong in implementation.

You can find the results on our Summary Card:

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Susanne Romahn

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