Potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in product development

Artificial intelligence (AI) - over hyped or the technology of the future? One thing is certain: AI has arrived in our everyday lives. Ever-growing requirements and challenges in day-to-day business are forcing the use of new technologies. In a world increasingly geared towards digitalization, AI technology is on an upward trajectory. The areas of application are wide-ranging and, in the case of manufacturing companies, have also penetrated into the area of product creation. Implementation in companies is heterogeneous and the potential of AI is being exploited to varying degrees.

AI Study

AI-Study content

Explore the key components for successful AI integration in your organization! The AI study provides an analysis of the factors influencing the maturity of AI implementation and presents detailed insights into the current state of usage. It also identifies barriers to effective AI adoption and strategies that leading organizations are using to overcome them. These groundbreaking insights will help you develop a comprehensive AI strategy and put your company at the forefront of digital innovation.

Who is the AI-Study for?

Employees in (software) development and IT, CDO (Chief Digital Officer), AI/digital transformation leaders

Which companies took part in the AI-Study?

18 companies from the automotive, aviation/aerospace, commercial vehicle, semiconductor/electronics, mobile machinery, agriculture and mechanical engineering sectors

When was the AI-Study conducted?

The study was conducted as part of video conferences between mid-September and mid-October 2023.